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Swiss Cheese Sketch




We have been selling Johnson's meat pies for generations, made to a very special recipe. These are the pies we are famous for! Now made by Currall's Bakery in Latchford to that same great recipe, we continue to sell Johnson's meat pies made fresh daily. They also bake for us fantastic plate meat and potato pies, traditional pasties and sausage rolls


Coward's Butchers in Frodsham supply us with their famous steak and steak and kidney pies and a selection of quiches. 


We use fresh bread delivered daily from Chatwins Bakery to make our delicious sandwiches and, for a weekend treat, on Fridays we sell their fresh cream fudge doughnuts and danish fruit pastries. 


If you fancy something sweet why not one of our traditional egg custards or a Manchester Tart? On Fridays we also have a huge selection of cakes including fruit crumbles, apple pies and apple strudel sponges. 

Cheese Platter


Cheese is a particular passion for us at Monks Deli. Richard Monks has been cutting cheese with a wire for over 45 years so he certainly knows a thing or two about it! We stock a huge selection of over 40 cheeses. British classics include Cheshire, Lancashire, Vintage Cheddar and Aged Red Leicester. Continental specials include creamy French Brie, award winning German Blues, and authentic Italian Parmesan to name but a few! We also offer a large selection of individually wrapped truckles including our favourite, Snowdonia Cheese Company's Black Bomber, which has been voted Britain's Best Cheese four times!

Our other must tries include;

  • Rougette Triple Cream Brie

  • Smoked Blue Stilton

  • Kaltbach Alpine Creamy 


We also have a great choice of cheese biscuits, pâtés and chutneys to complement your fabulous cheese board!

Cooked Meats

We offer a fantastic range of cooked meats, opened daily and sliced on request to ensure maximum freshness. Choose from ham, pork, beef or turkey. Regular favourites also include chopped pork and corned beef.

Our continental meat selection includes Italian parma ham, Spanish chorizo sausages, and a wide choice of German and Italian salamis. Other seasonal specials include German bierwurst, pork brawn and rosemary smoked pork loin.


Raw Meats

We sell the finest dry cured back bacon which contains a minimum of 98% pork, available in plain or smoked. We can cut bacon chops at your desired thickness. Streaky bacon is available seasonally.

With sausages we offer an even bigger choice. We have traditional pork sausages as well as multiple flavoured sausages including leek, herb, black pepper, tomato, and hot and spicy (which make an excellent casserole with a kick!)


We also sell black pudding and authentic Italian sausages. 

Image by Anto Meneghini

Deli Treats

We stock a everything you need to create the charcuterie board of dreams - a huge selection of olives, guindilla chillies, pickled onions, pickled garlic, cheese stuffed peppers, balsamic vinegar, hot sauces and local honey will all take your cheese board to the next level. 

We also have German and Polish treats including sausages, sauerkraut, pickles, relishes and red cabbage. 


Pantry Essentials

Browse our shelves to find a fantastic selection of jams, marmalades, curds and chutneys, with a huge choice of brands to choose from including Mrs Darlington's and Tiptree Preserves.

We have a fantastic choice of store cupboard essentials including a range of authentic Italian pasta, tinned beans, pulses and tomatoes, cooking sauces and condiments. 

Plus for those with a sweet tooth we have a wide choice of biscuits, fruit cakes, sweets and chocolates.

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